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Near the tank of the toilet, attach the bidet t-valve that should have come with the unit.

This video will help you to save money. Unscrew and disconnect the flexible hoses. .


Wiggle it a bit to make sure. . .

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We highlight the tools necessary for the job and show the proper way to connect the supply line and floor and tank bolts.

Check your bidet has no screw down on the back. Multiple uses.

ph/s. RinseWorks Aquaus 360 Hand Held Bidet for Faucets.

Hard water can be hard on your bidet.

Remember not to pull too hard, your water pressure may be volatile depending on what time of day it is and if others in the property are using the same supply.

Using the lever on the valve, it is possible to adjust the temperature of the bidet spray, which results in a mix of cold and hot water.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to. 7 L/min. Ensure safe and proper use of your Ultimate 770 Bidet Seat with the owner's manual.

Remove the Toilet Seat. com/Appliances Repair and Installation Servicescall at 09174386639please Subscribe and click the bell' to notify you, to. Pull the bidet sprayer trigger. Wiggle it a bit to make sure. First, you should have a clean toilet. .

ABS spray head.

Hand-held bidets will be. Flush the toilet and hold the lever down to completely empty the water tank.

Then attach the flexible water hose to the bottom of the new valve.


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Nov 7, 2019 · When you first use a bidet, clean off with toilet paper first before attempting the bidet spray.

Fix a leaking bidet hose.